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       The Water Report is the monthly newsletter for water lawyers, engineers, regulatory agencies, tribes, municipalities, environmental organizations and anyone interested in water law, water rights, and water quality in the western United States. The Water Report has become the "publication of record" in the water field and its original content articles are cited frequently in law review articles, legal briefs, and water-related publications. When you want detailed analysis and practical information, choose The Water Report. You'll receive 12 monthly issues of 28-32 pages of the latest in the world of water.

Testimonial for The Water Report:

"Water lawyers in the West and in other parts of the United States need to know what is going on West-wide. There are always lessons to learn from other jurisdictions. For a good part of my career, I have relied on The Water Report to keep abreast of water management in the West. It has been a wonderful source of information and quality analysis of emerging developments."

Dan Tarlock, Chicago - Kent College of Law

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THIS MONTH'S ISSUE - TWR #215: January 15, 2022

In-Depth Water Articles:

Apportioning Interstate Groundwater: Mississippi v. Tennessee, City of Memphis, Memphis LGW, No. 143 Orig. by Don Blankenau, Blankenau Wilmoth Jarecke LLP (Lincoln, NE)

Endangered Species Act Changes: What’s On the Horizon for 2022? by Morgan Gerard and Charles Sensiba, Troutman Pepper (Washington, DC) & Andrea Wortzel, Troutman Pepper (Richmond, VA)

Tribal Water Rights Compact: Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ Water Rights Compact Ratification by Duane Mecham & Jennifer Frozena, US Department of the Interior (Portland, OR)

Water Briefs:
500+ Plan Adopted: Lake Mead Conservation & the Colorado River
Cadiz Desert Project: BLM Moves to Vacate Pipeline Right-of-Way
Water Rights Data System Launched in California (UPWARD California)
Puget Sound - State of the Sound Biennial Report Released
Toxics Court Order to EPA: Salmon & Orcas Protection
Infrastructure Loan: EPA Loan Program - $81 Million WIFIA Loan to Sacramento County Water Agency
Texas 2022 State Water Plan Released: Withstanding Drought
PCB Cleanup Plan: Spokane River EPA Settlement
PFAS Rule & Nationwide Monitoring: EPA Finalizes Fifth Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR 5)
Well Levels in Arizona: “Basin Sweep” Conducted
Watershed Funding - NRCS Programs Through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

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Editors: David Moon and David Light  

The Water Report: Water Rights, Water Quality and Water Solutions in the West

           Original Content by Experts in the Field

     Water rights, water quality, and innovative uses of water resources are increasingly vital issues in the western United States. The Water Report — a monthly water news journal for water professionals — covers the battles and changes shaping the future of water law. Water quality of surface water and groundwater, the laws that govern discharges into the waters of the United States, and the technology utilized to deal with the challenges are also a focus of The Water Report.

     Throughout the West the management of water resources faces formidable challenges. Some are more gradual, as with the relentless pressures arising from an ever-increasing population. Some are subject to abrupt change, as when evolving federal mandates — the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, Superfund, Hydroelectric Relicensing, etc. — collide both with each other and with the legal edifice of established western water law. Climate change has added a new dynamic to management concerns.

     Also throughout the West, innovative water professionals in both the private and public sectors are hammering out practical solutions. These solutions, due to historical, geographical, and regulatory similarities, benefit from a multi-disciplinary analysis of how the lessons learned can be applied elsewhere. This multi-disciplinary approach is an important provision provided by The Water Report, so that professionals in the different areas of the water world — be they engineers, attorneys, or regulators — can all understand the issues presented by other disciplines.

     The importance of water issues will only increase. A unique publication — The Water Report — keeps you informed about the latest successful negotiations, changing administrative policies, significant court cases, practical technological advances, and pertinent legislation relating to western water law and management. Each month, our major articles provide in-depth analyses by leading experts in the field, while our "Water Briefs" keep you up-to-date and provide contacts for additional information.

     Tracking water management developments throughout the West is vital to maximizing your options in this ever-changing arena. Tracking these issues is also a full-time job. Let us do it for you each month with 28-32 pages of water information. 

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