3M Settlement with Public Water Suppliers Finalized

A nationwide settlement between 3M and public water suppliers (PWS) regarding PFAS ("forever chemicals") contamination has been finalized by a US District Court.


This settlement offers financial assistance to PWS facing PFAS contamination in their water systems.  The agreement covers past, present, and future PFAS detection, providing a broader scope of support.  Payments are expected to begin in Q3 2024, aiding in remediation efforts.


Key details:

  • The settlement has a pre-tax present value of up to $10.3 billion, payable over 13 years.
  • While the settlement amount is capped at $12.5 billion, the final payout may be lower.
  • The agreement calls for payouts through 2036. 


The Water Report will continue monitoring the settlement process and how to access these funds for PFAS remediation efforts so stay tuned. 

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