Ardito, Cynthia

Author Description

Cynthia Ardito’s professional experience includes 23 years of water quality and water resource evaluations, environmental investigations, and environmental remediations. She has an MS degree from New Mexico Tech where she focused on ground water chemistry and hydrology. She has worked on surface water and groundwater issues in New Mexico since 1984. One of her technical focus areas is water quality evaluations to determine the nature and extent of ground water contamination, particularly at sites that have been contaminated by chlorinated solvents and petroleum products. She has worked throughout New Mexico at Brownfields, hazardous waste and superfund sites, leaking underground storage tank sites, mine tailings disposal sites, heap leach facilities, industrial waste lagoons, and landfills where she has been the technical lead for designing field investigations and remedial action systems. Another focus for Ms. Ardito is water resource evaluations, where she has provided expert support in the areas of hydrogeologic conceptual model development, aquifer test design and evaluations of potential water resource impacts of groundwater pumping. She works in Intera’s Albuquerque office.

Authored Reports

Water Resources Supply: Groundwater Decision Support System Development