Aylward, Bruce

Author Description

Bruce Aylward, Ph.D., is a resource and environmental economist and Managing Director of AMP Insights LLC. Bruce has a 30-year career in extension, policy, research and transactional work that includes experience in dozens of countries and a dozen western states. Over the last decade he has carried out assignments in the major river basins of the Western US, as well as the Okavango and Mekong Basins. Previously, Bruce led water market and water bank development efforts at the Deschutes River Conservancy in Oregon, served as Senior Advisor for the World Commission on Dams, and carried out economic policy research at the International Institute for Environment and Development. Bruce was a convening lead author on Freshwater for the policy track of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and wrote the economics chapterfor FLOWS, a World Conservation Union (IUCN) guide to environmental flows.

Authored Reports

Long-Range Water Planning: Comprehensive Process in Central Oregon's Deschutes Basin,Water Markets in the Western US: Developing Healthy Markets — Issues and Opportunities