Bigham, Gary

Author Description

Gary Bigham is a Principal with Exponent in Bellevue, WA and specializes in the evaluation of contaminant and sediment transport and fate in the environment. He received his BS is geology from Oregon State University and his MS in geophysical sciences from Georgia Tech University. Gary has undertaken numerous investigations of mercury in the environment and in indoor air over the past 15 years. The largest has been the comprehensive investigation of mercury cycling and bioaccumulation in a lake contaminated by two mercury-cell chlor- alkali plants, in Onondaga Lake, NY. He also recently participated in a natural resource damage assessment of the Guadalupe River, CA that drains the New Almaden Mining District, the largest mercury mining area in the US. Over the past 10 years, he has been involved with litigation regarding the influence of nutrients on mercury cycling and bioaccumulation in the Florida Everglades. Gary has participated in investigations at many other mercury-contaminated sites and published numerous papers and presentation abstracts. He also led an extensive evaluation of the behavior of mercury spilled from gas pressure regulators and mercury vapor in indoor air, and served as an expert witness in litigation involving mercury spilled in buildings and homes.

Authored Reports

Mercury Contamination - A West Coast Perspective,Analysis of Mercury in Water and Sediment, Mercury Reduction Programs: Overview of Several Western States