Bucich, Paul

Author Description

Paul Bucich is the Assistant Director of Engineering with the City of Bellevue, Washington. He is a Civil Engineer with 27 years of experience supporting or leading a wide range of issues and projects in water resources within the Puget Sound region. He has spent more than 22 years with local municipalities and five as a private consultant. Paul has designed collection and conveyance systems, designed and evaluated regional stormwater facilities, investigated contaminated sediments, and assisted with the Tri-County response to the listing of Chinook Salmon (Pierce County). Mr. Bucich’s experience includes watershed planning activities, surface water utility operations, erosion and sediment control for construction, stream restoration, fish passage requirements and design, litigation support, and facilities maintenance requirements. He is experienced in NPDES Phase I and II municipal requirements along with ESA requirements for stormwater and associated habitat improvements.

Authored Reports

Dissolved Metals in Stormwater: Biotic Ligand Model - A New Treatment Paradigm (Obtaining Environmental Protection With New Technology & Defensible Standards,New Zealand Mudsnail Infestations: Public Policy Implications