Burt, Walter

Author Description

Walter Burt, GSI Water Solutions, holds an MS degree in groundwater hydrology and geology (University of Idaho, 1989) and a Bachelor’s degree in geology and environmental studies (Middlebury College, 1982), and is a Licensed Hydrogeologist (LHG) in Washington and a Registered Geologist (RG) in Oregon. Walter has 28 years of experience in water supply master planning and management of hydrogeological and environmental investigations in the Pacific Northwest for municipalities, water districts, watersheds, quasi-governmentalorganizations, industry, and agriculture. He has a broad array of experience in groundwater basin characterization, water supply planning, and aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) feasibility assessments and program development in Oregon and Washington. Walter is a founding principal at GSI Water Solutions in Portland, Oregon.

Authored Reports

Aquifer Storage & Recovery: Advantages, Challenges, Applications & Approaches for Expanding ASR in the West,Climate Change & Summer Streamflows: Climate Change Influence on Summer Streamflows - Unanticipated Discovery While Studying Other Influences