Chappell, Michael

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Michael Chappell has worked in various capacities — student intern, law clerk, and attorney — for eight years at a San Francisco environmental firm specializing in Clean Water Act litigation. He represented grassroots environmental organizations, primarily groups that belong to the Waterkeeper Alliance, in Clean Water Act citizen suit enforcement actions. He worked on over sixty Clean Water Act cases filed in Federal District Courts in California. He also participated in approximately ten National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit challenges before the California’s regulatory agency and, when necessary, in California State Courts. Although his entire previous career was spent litigating in California, wherever appropriate he provides United States Supreme Court or 9th Circuit case citations to ensure they are applicable to Oregon and Washington, as well. In mid-June 2008, Michael opened his own practice in Spokane, Washington.

Authored Reports

Clean Water Act Citizen Suits - The Plaintiff's Perspective: Liability is "Strict" — What's Left to Discuss?