Clark, David L.

Author Description

David Clark, Vice President, serves as National Director for Wastewater for HDR Engineering, Inc. He provides wastewater collection and treatment expertise, as well as an extensive background in water quality planning, nutrient management, and effluent discharge permit negotiations. Mr. Clark has participated in watershed planning, water quality analysis, and TMDLs for numerous rivers in the West. On the Clark Fork River, he participated in a multi-year effort to prepare the Voluntary Nutrient Reduction Program (VNRP), a stakeholder led effort to develop a nitrogen and phosphorus TMDL. For the Cascade Reservoir TMDL Implementation Plan, Mr. Clark co-authored a State-wide guidance document on preparation of TMDL Implementation Plans for Idaho DEQ. Mr. Clark is currently involved in water quality modeling of the Bitterroot and the Clark Fork rivers, and the development of a pollution off-set credit for nonpoint source loading reduction on the Spokane River. Mr. Clark is currently participating in the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) Nutrient Challenge, a national research project led by HDR to provide state-of-the-art nutrient removal technology information to wastewater utilities. Mr. Clark holds an MS in Civil Engineering (University of Washington, 1980) and a BS in Civil Engineering (University of Washington, Magna Cum Laude, 1978).

Authored Reports

TMDL Challenges in Development and Implementation