Davenport, James H

Author Description

James H. Davenport is an attorney for JHDavenport LLC, consulting on water rights, environmental law, development of water supplies, interstate river management, interstate groundwater supplies, and transactions regarding water rights and supplies since 2006. Jim formerly was the Chief, Water Division for the Colorado River Commission of Nevada, holding that position from 1999-2006. There he managed state-federal, interstate, and state-local government relationships pertaining to maximum utilization of interests in Colorado River, including water resource and environmental compliance. His distinguished professional career also included a stint as Special Deputy Attorney General, State of Nevada, where he was counsel of record in Arizona v. California (U.S. S.Ct.), 2000-2005, and served as Chairman of the Legal Committee, Endangered Species Act Committee, Western States Water Council (2000-2004), as well as Chairman, Colorado River Basin States Ad Hoc Technical Committee on Colorado River Delta. 2002-2003. In addition, Jim has been an instructor for Western Water Policy and Environmental Law and Policy at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Authored Reports

Interstate Water Banking: Evolving Colorado River System Agreement,Water: A Fundamental Right - Constitutionality of the Prior Appropriation Doctrine