Frost, Stacy J.

Author Description

Stacy Frost has over 14 years of experience in civil engineering and has been heavily involved in brownfield redevelopment. He has led project teams in the design of park, commercial, residential, education facility, light industrial, heavy industrial, waterfront, and port developments. His experience includes site development master planning, utility system master planning, transportation system master planning, street design, water system design, sanitary sewer system design, storm drainage system design, grading design, earthwork analysis, erosion control design, stormwater analysis, and permitting. Throughout his career, Mr. Frost has had the opportunity to design and manage a wide variety of projects ranging from small commercial developments to large industrial subdivisions. He has worked closely with both large and small project teams to develop design concepts, meet the needs of the clients, and help create developments that benefit the community.

Authored Reports

Municipal Landfill Redevelopment - From Legacy Landfill to Watershed-Protective Sports Stadium in Astoria, Oregon