Gaarder, Jeff

Author Description

Jeff Gaarder, GHD, is Principal in Charge for GHD’s Pacific Northwest Offices (Lynnwood and Tacoma, WA). Mr. Gaarder oversees approximately 100 oil and gas sites in western Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. These projects sites include former and active service stations, bulk fuel terminals, and maintenance facilities. The sites are at various stages of environmental cleanup including UST removal, preliminary and subsequent site investigations, and remediation implementation. Consistent regulatory interface and advocacy on risk-based solutions has led to closure of approximately 60 sites in the last seven years. He supervises approximately 20 professionals consisting of geologists, engineers, scientists, and technicians involved with: sediment and upland soils remediation and restoration; wetland permitting and restoration; stormwater and surface water planning; environmental site assessments; feasibility studies, risk assessments; remedial planning; remedial system installation; remedial system operation and maintenance; and regulatory site closure.

Authored Reports

Risk-Based UST Site Closures: Technically Sound / Good Economics for Underground Storage Tank Cleanups