Gordon, Bea

Author Description

Bea Gordon is a hydrologist by training who works as a research analyst and supports communication efforts for Water in the West. Her interest lies in the intersection of hydrology, water policy, and impacted communities — particularly agricultural ones — in the western US. Bea’s previous work spans across some of the West’s largest water users from agriculture to upstream oil and gas development. More recently, she conducted research for the Wyoming Center for Environmental Hydrology and Geophysics with a focus on irrigation, evapotranspiration, and agricultural water use efficiency. Bea received her BA in Stanford University and her MS from the University of Wyoming where she was a 2015-2016 Mary Mead Fellow for Women in Agriculture and a 2016 Outstanding MS Student in the College of Agriculture. Bea was raised on a cattle ranch in northeastern Wyoming. The other authors on the research project were Kim Quesnel, Perrine Hammel and Jordy Wolfland of the Water in the West Program, Stanford University.

Authored Reports

Green Infrastructure Frontiers: Using Nature to Tackle Water Infrastructure Challenges (Green Infrastructure Research & innovation at Stanford)