Jarvis, Glenn

Author Description

Glenn Jarvis has practiced law in McAllen, Texas since 1963. He was involved in the Court Adjudication of Rio Grande water rights in the Lower Rio Grande in Texas, the Adjudication of water rights in the Middle and Upper Rio Grande in Texas, and involved in the Upper Rio Grande Adjudication of the Rio Grande Upstream of Fort Quitman, Texas, in El Paso. He was Chairman of the Rio Grande Regional Water Planning Group, Texas Water Development Board from 1997 to 2017, which covers the Rio Grande downstream of Amistad Reservoir to the Gulf of Mexico. He is a frequent writer and speaker on water resource and law topics in the United States and Mexico. He concentrates his practice in water rights and water district issues and represents individual clients on water rights issues, irrigation districts, and the Texas Irrigation Council, a state-wide group of irrigation water suppliers.

Authored Reports

Conversion of Irrigation Rights to Municipal and Industrial Rights: New Legislation, Court Case and Transactions Affecting the Lower Rio Grande,1944 Treaty With Mexico: Allocating Rio Grande Water - A South Texas Perspective