Jones, P. Andrew

Author Description

P. Andrew Jones’ litigation practice concentrates on water rights issues, with particular emphasis on groundwater matters and legal issues arising out of the interaction between surface and ground water systems. A graduate of Vermont Law School, he has extensive experience representing water districts, individuals, and corporate clients in litigation at trial and appellate levels in cases ranging in size from individual water rights matters to complex, basin-wide, multi-party litigation. In the water court context, he has over 15 years of experience adjudicating augmentation plan applications, change of water rights applications, applications for absolute and conditional water rights, and applications for findings of diligence. He appears frequently before the Colorado Ground Water Commission on designated ground water matters. Mr. Jones has extensive experience advising clients in complex water rights transactions, including identifying opportunities, valuation of water rights, negotiation, contracting, due diligence and closing. Mr. Jones brings a collaborative, problem solving approach to water transactional matters. His experience in complex multi-party litigation and negotiation enhances his ability to facilitate creative, value added solutions in natural resources, environmental and land use settings. Mr. Jones’ experience extends to legislative, administrative, and policy forums, where he participates in the development of water law and policy. He is extensively involved in Colorado Water Conservation Board funded studies of developing alternatives to traditional “buy and dry” water transfers, including fallowing, deficit irrigation, and the use of reduced consumptive use crops. He is an appointed member of the Colorado Supreme Court Water Court Committee. Mr. Jones is an active member of the Colorado Water Congress, and is frequently called upon to testify before Colorado General Assembly committees regarding proposed water legislation. Mr. Jones teaches classes on water rights issues in public and private forums, and is a frequently requested guest speaker. His book, Colorado Water Law for Non-Lawyers, written in cooperation with Thomas V. Cech, was published in 2009 by the University Press of Colorado.

Authored Reports

South Platte Well Crisis, 2002-2010: Evolving Alluvial Groundwater Regulation,Colorado Water Markets: “Alternative Transfer Mechanisms”