Kristan Vanden Heuve

Author Description

Kristan Vanden Heuvel is the Director of Impact and Engagement for The Water Tower. She has over 10 years of experience in the water industry in research program planning, working with stakeholders and technical experts, project and grant management, as well as a passion for helping others understand the importance of water for every aspect of life. In her previous role at The Water Research Foundation (previously WE&RF and WRRF), she managed 40+ water reuse and desalination projects for the water community valued at over $15M. In her current role as Director of Impact and Engagement at The Water Tower, Kristan is responsible for directing communications, outreach, and development efforts to foster strategic partnerships and steering programming to engage stakeholders and next-gen water workforce to advance cooperative innovation.

Authored Reports

Elevating Collaborative Innovation. The Water Tower Global Innovation Hub