Lawrence, Molly

Author Description

Molly Lawrence, Van Ness Feldman – Seattle WA, counsels public and private clients in all facets of law related to land use and development. She is highly skilled at helping clients navigate overlapping and divergent federal, state and local statutes and regulations. Her practice focuses on assisting clients in developing comprehensive permitting strategies, and counseling them through the regulatory process from project conception to construction. When necessary to facilitate project development, Molly assists clients in drafting and advancing changes in the laws and regulations through the legislative and rule making processes. In addition to permitting and legislative work, Molly regularly litigates land use and environmental matters before local governments, and in state and federal court.

Authored Reports

Flood insurance Program: The Changing Landscape of Floodplain Insurance & Regulation,National Flood Insurance Program: Oregon Communities & Developers Face Significantly Heightened Standards Following ESA Consultation - National Impacts Probable,Floodplai