Leisenring, Marc

Author Description

Marc Leisenring, PE, is a Project Engineer with Geosyntec Consultants in Portland, Oregon. He has assisted with development of pollutant loading models and stormwater BMP decision support systems for Lake Tahoe and Southern California and currently is assisting the Water Environment Research Foundation develop BMP algorithms as part of a comprehensive model development effort to link runoff quality and BMP performance to receiving water impacts. Marc joined GeoSyntec Consultants in August 2001 after completing the BS degree program in Environmental Resources Engineering at Humboldt State University. He has been actively involved with several urban stormwater-related projects including providing technical support for the City of Los Angeles’ public education program, developing a stormwater BMP design manual for the County of Santa Barbara, and assisting in the development of the water quality control plan for the San Diego Creek watershed located in Orange County California.

Authored Reports

San Diego Creek's Natural Treatment Stormwater Management System,Stormwater & Sediment Contamination: Minimizing Potential Sediment Recontamination & Associated Liability