MacDougal, Douglas W.

Author Description

Doug MacDougal has over 30 years of experience in water rights, natural resources, and real estate law. His water-related experience includes representing clients in water rights, permitting and regulatory matters, and natural resource policy issues. Doug has been lead counsel on a number of complex water negotiations in Oregon water basins, involving federal, tribal, environmental, and private party interests. He has substantial experience in contested water cases involving water right transfers, stream and groundwater hydrology, and native rights, and has been involved in the ongoing Klamath Adjudication. He frequently consults on individual, basin, and watershed issues involving water rights, the Clean Water Act, endangered species, dams, and hydropower operations. He also has been heavily engaged in various ESA Section 7 consultations, and has undertaken a variety of due diligence assignments involving water, natural resource, and real estate issues in large multi-party transactions. His work emphasizes representation of ports, irrigation water users, ranches, and municipalities.

Authored Reports

Water Use and Transfers - Systematic Planning Avoids Risks and Creates Opportunity, Clean Water Act Jurisdiction: Army Corps Jurisdictional Wetlands Determinations,Tribal Instream Rights: Important Settlement Reached on Klamath Basin Challenges,Klamath Ad