Marcelle Shoop

Author Description

Marcelle Shoop serves as the Executive Director of the Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement Trust, which is co-managed by National Audubon Society and The Nature Conservancy. Marcelle also launched and now directs the Saline Lakes Program for Audubon. The program is part of Audubon’s Western Water initiative, that strives to advance balanced solutions to water use in the arid West so that birds, ecosystems, people, and economies can thrive. The Audubon Saline Lakes team leads efforts to protect the health of saline lakes across the West. In Utah, Marcelle has worked with many partners to advance water policy and solutions to benefit Great Salt Lake and its surrounding wetlands. Marcelle serves as a representative of the environmental conservation interests on the Utah Watersheds Council. She also serves on the Steering Committee for the Great Salt Lake Basin Integrated Water Plan and is a member of the Northern Advisory Council to the Colorado River Authority of Utah.

Authored Reports

Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement Trust: A Tool to Address Great Salt Lake Declines.