Mark Millan

Author Description

Mark Millan is the founder and principal of Data Instincts, a professional consultancy specializing in public outreach for implementing recycled water projects, including both Indirect and Direct Potable Reuse. He has been a strategic advisor and coordinator of public outreach for dozens of reuse projects throughout the United States and has advised on reuse internationally. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees for WateReuse California. Mark co-authored the following WateReuse Research Foundation research papers: Developing Model Communication Plans for Advancing Awareness and Fostering Acceptance of Direct Potable Reuse and Risk Assessment Study of PPCPs in Recycled Water to Support Public Review. Mark was also a contributing writer to the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for Potable Reuse, (Chapter 7, the Art of Public Engagement). Mark has also been an elected official, having served on the city council for the Town of Windsor in California, and was Mayor in 2016.

Authored Reports

Communication Strategies for Advancing Public Acceptance of Potable Reuse Projects - A Vital Task for Our Water Future