Neil R. Alongi

Author Description

Neil Alongi, PE, is an environmental engineer with 35 years of experience including: industrial and municipal stormwater management; industrial facility siting and expansion; and recycling, compost and solid- and hazardous-waste facilities. Neil’s expertise includes industrial facility siting and expansion, solid- and hazardous-waste facilities, and industrial wastewater and stormwater management. He has been the project manager and lead engineer for multimillion-dollar industrial siting projects involving master planning, permitting, civil design, and construction management. He produces high-quality designs that can be permitted and constructed within a project’s time and budget constraints. He has served as an expert witness for a variety of legal proceedings, and has testified at and conducted numerous public hearings for various types of projects.

Authored Reports

Stormwater Permit Compliance: New Washington State Industrial Permit Poses Challenges,Stormwater Low Impact Development: An Update on LID Regulations and Practices,Municipal Landfill Redevelopment - From Legacy Landfill to Watershed-Protective Sports Stad