Neuman, Janet

Author Description

Janet Neuman is Senior Counsel with Tonkon Torp’s Water Law Practice Group. She also works with the Environmental & Natural Resources Practice Group. Considered one of the foremost water law specialists in Oregon, Jan is a former professor, Associate Dean of Faculty, and co-director of the Natural Resources Law Institute at Lewis & Clark Law School. Prior to joining the Lewis & Clark faculty, Jan was Director of the Oregon Department of State Lands, where she oversaw the state’s management of common school fund lands and natural resources. She previously had been the agency’s assistant director for resource management. Before working in state government, Jan practiced litigation at Tonkon Torp. She is a frequent speaker and writer on water law and policy. Jan is also a past president of the Oregon Water Trust (now part of The Freshwater Trust) and has served on their Board for many years. Jan also served on the Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission, appointed by President Clinton, which in 1998 released recommendations on the future role of the federal government in western water management. In 2011, Jan published Oregon Water Law: A Comprehensive Treatise on the Law of Water and Water Rights in Oregon.

Authored Reports

Western States' Water Planning: The Best Laid Plans - Water Planning in Uncertain Times