Oppenheimer, Jory

Author Description

Jory Oppenheimer is a Senior Water Quality Specialist at HDR with 18 years of experience in surface water quality modeling and monitoring projects. He has conducted several technical water quality studies in rivers, lakes, and reservoirs that were used to establish TMDLs. Jory has conducted water quality assessments on large river systems, such as the Skagit, Puyallup, White, and Spokane Rivers, and many other large reservoirs and lakes. Mr. Oppenheimer also advises watershed groups, utilities, and other clients with TMDL projects and other issues related to water quality standards compliance. Mr. Oppenheimer holds an MS in Environmental Engineering and Science (University of Washington, 1988) and a BS in Environmental Science (Western Washington University, 1983).

Authored Reports

TMDL Challenges in Development and Implementation