Petersen-Perlman, Jacob

Author Description

Jacob Petersen-Perlman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography, Planning & Environment and the Water Resources Center at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. Prior to that, he worked as a Research Analyst at the University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center. While at the University of Arizona, he worked on the Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Program (TAAP) and issues of groundwater governance and management at the WRRC. Dr. Petersen-Perlman has also served as a post-doctoral scholar through the Ken Alberman Fellowship in Water, Society, and Geopolitics at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He earned his Ph.D. in Geography at Oregon State University, his M.S. in Geography at the University of Montana, and his B.S. in Meteorology at Iowa State University. His research areas of interest include transboundary water conflict and cooperation, water security, and water governance.

Authored Reports

The Business of Water: WRRC Conference Examines the Business of Water,Ambos Nogales Effluent: Institutional Frameworks for Effluent Water Use in the Ambos Nogales Region