Rowland, Melanie J.

Author Description

Melanie J. Rowland is a senior attorney in the Office of General Counsel of the NOAA in Seattle, where she advises the National Marine Fisheries Service on Endangered Species Act matters concerning salmon and steelhead. Her practice concentrates on habitat conservation plans, section 7 consultations, and section 4(d) rule implementation. She is co-author of the country’s leading wildlife law treatise, The Evolution of National Wildlife Law. Prior to her position at NOAA, Ms. Rolland served as Senior Counsel with The Wilderness Society, and then was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Washington’s School of Law and Institute for Environmental Studies, where she taught environmental law, conservational biology, and wildlife law. Prior to her career in environmental law, she was a senior attorney with the Federal Trade Commission.

Authored Reports

CWA & ESA Intersections - Water Quality & ESA Section 7: Northwest Example (TWR #25); Global Warming & Environmental Law: Climate Change and the ESA