Smith, Duane

Author Description

Duane Smith is considered one of Oklahoma’s foremost authorities on water. Duane specializes in regional and tribal water planning. As Executive Director of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board for 13 years, he garnered unique experience in the administration of Oklahoma water law and implementation of state and federal water programs. Upon his retirement from the state in 2010, he served a year in Afghanistan assisting the US Army Corps of Engineers in establishing much-needed water service for the country’s citizens. As a consultant — highlighted by his ongoing work with the Chickasaw Nation and Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma — Mr. Smith works to empower the decision-making authority of water use stakeholders in ensuring the attainment of local, regional, and Tribal economic development goals. He currently serves as Executive Director of the Oka’ Institute at East Central Oklahoma University where he promotes water sustainability research and initiatives.

Authored Reports

Oklahoma State - Tribal Settlement: Persistence & Shared Principles Result in Historic Water Agreement,Tribal/State Water Settlement: The Oka Holisso & Tribal-State Water Settlement Implementation