Strecker, Eric

Author Description

Eric W. Strecker, P.E. is a Principal and Water Resources Practice Leader with GeoSyntec Consultants in Portland, Oregon. He has over 20 years of stormwater management experience, including national level applied research efforts for EPA, FHWA, WERF, and NCHRP as well as state and local stormwater management, design and research projects throughout the western United States. Mr. Strecker has become a recognized authority in the area of non-point source and stormwater management, especially in the design, monitoring, and evaluation of the effectiveness of BMPs (see TWR #6) and integrated stormwater master planning. He is by training a Water Resources Engineer and Fisheries Biologist with undergraduate degrees in both from Humboldt State University and a Master’s in Engineering from the University of Washington. He has spent the last 15 years of his career assisting Federal, State, and local government clients in conducting stormwater research and monitoring projects and developing and implementing stormwater management plans.

Authored Reports

Stormwater Management, San Diego Creek's Natural Treatment Stormwater Management System,International Stormwater BMP Database Update,Stormwater Retention On Site: An Analysis of Feasibility and Desirability,Stormwater & Sediment Contamination: Minimizing