Wegner, David L.

Author Description

David Wegner was appointed to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Environmental Financial Advisory Board in July of this Year. He is retired from a senior staff position on water, energy, and transportation committees in the US House of Representatives. In that position he worked on legislation that directly affected administration policy and federal agency actions related to EPA, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Department of the Interior (DOI), the Bonneville Power Administration, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and the US Department of Energy. Prior to serving in Washington, DC, he worked for over 20 years for DOI managing water and science programs in the Colorado River basin and the Grand Canyon. During his tenure at DOI he was instrumental in formulating the Adaptive Management approach for other river systems impacted by dams and river operations. From 1997 through 2008 he built a private international environmental company that focused on global water and climate issues. Currently he works as a senior scientist for strategic planning for Woolpert Engineering and provides input and strategic counsel to NASA/JPL, academic institutions, members of Congress and staff, and international organizations focused on water, energy, coastal, reservoir management, and climate issues. Mr. Wegner is a frequent lecturer on the use of science in natural resource management and on the history of western water. He serves on the boards of the National Academy of Sciences, Glen Canyon Institute, the Sonoran Institute and mentors several post-docs in the US, Europe, and Asia through the International Association of Hydrologic Research.

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Title XVI Water Reuse & Recycling: A Cost-Effective Option for Expanding Water Portfolios?,Adaptive Water Management & Science: Climate, Water, and Adaptive Management - Why Science Matters,Infrastructure for Water Security: The Need for a National Water