Zellmer, Sandra

Author Description

Sandra Zellmer began teaching at the University of Nebraska College of Law in 2003. She teaches and writes about natural resources, water law, public lands, wildlife, environmental law, disaster law, and related topics. Zellmer was awarded “Best Paper” by the American Bar Association (ABA) for her work on “Missouri River Mud: Clean Water and Endangered Species,” which she presented at the ABA’s Annual Water Law Conference in 2011. Zellmer has given presentations about water law and other related topics around the globe, in far-flung venues such as IUCN Congresses in Sydney, Australia and Jeju, South Korea, and also at the M.S. Swaminathan Institute in Chennai, India with members of the Global Water for Food Institute. Zellmer serves on the Steering Committee for the University’s Global Water for Food Institute. She also served as a committee member on the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council Committee on Missouri River Recovery; the committee report was published in 2010. She is active in the ABA’s Section on Environment, Energy, and Resources, in particular, the Section’s committees on public lands and on water resources.

Authored Reports

Anti-Speculation and Water Law: Ghost-Busting, Trust-Busting, or Ensuring Beneficial Use?,Sustainable Groundwater Management (Edited Excerpts) — The Future of Groundwater in California: Lessons in Sustainable Management from Across the West