Colorado-Wyoming Climate Partnership Offers Opportunities for Water Professionals

A new initiative called the "Climate Solutions and Clean Energy Innovation Hub" has launched, bringing $15 million in initial funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF). This hub, led by a partnership between the two states, aims to help startups develop and scale up their climate solutions.

  • Funding opportunities: The hub will provide grants to startups working on carbon capture, clean energy, and methane reduction, all of which have significant implications for water management. 
  • Collaboration opportunities: The hub brings together a network of partners, including universities, research institutions, and private companies generating opportunities to collaborate on innovative solutions and access cutting-edge technologies.
  • Training and workforce development: The hub prioritizes creating jobs and training workers from underserved communities, including those most impacted by climate change resulting in a larger pool of skilled professionals.

The hub is still in its early stages, but there are ways to get involved:

  • Sign up for updates: Visit the hub's website (link not available yet) to stay informed about upcoming funding opportunities, events, and partnerships.
  • Connect with the network: Reach out to the hub organizers or partner organizations to explore collaboration opportunities.
  • Share your expertise: If you have expertise in areas like methane reduction, carbon capture, or water-resilient technologies, consider offering your knowledge to startups working on related solutions.

This initiative presents a significant opportunity for water professionals in Colorado and Wyoming to contribute to climate solutions. 

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