Lawsuit Filed Against Biosolids Company Over Alleged PFAS Contamination of Farms

PFAS contamination is a growing concern for agricultural operations, potentially impacting land use and posing risks to human health. Biosolids, a wastewater treatment product used as fertilizer, may be a source of PFAS contamination.


Texas farmers from Johnson County are suing Synagro Technologies, Inc., a biosolids provider, for allegedly contaminating their land with PFAS through biosolids-based fertilizer. Testing revealed high PFAS levels in soil, surface water, and even a newborn calf.


The lawsuit, filed in a state court in Maryland, claims the PFAS contamination rendered their land unusable and livestock unsafe for consumption. The farmers claim that Synagro either knew or should have known that its fertilizer was contaminated with PFAS so are suing for compensation and to prevent the defendant from causing further contamination.

Legal claims include:

  • Strict Liability: The farmers argue the fertilizer was defective due to the presence of PFAS and Synagro's failure to warn about the risks.
  • Negligence: The lawsuit alleges Synagro breached its duty of care by failing to properly test the fertilizer for PFAS or warn about potential contamination.
  • Private Nuisance: The farmers claim Synagro's actions substantially interfered with their ability to use and enjoy their land.


The case highlights the growing concern over PFAS contamination from biosolids and the potential liability for companies involved in their production and use. The lawsuit's outcome could impact future regulations and practices regarding biosolids and PFAS.


For more information, you can read the case docket here. 

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